– Pets, music, organisation


Have you ever sat down and thought – what helps me work? How can I be the most productive at my job? What distracts me?

Do you bring your pet to work- does this help or hinder? Perhaps both?

Pets are known to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. So would a cat or dog in the office help clear your head and diminish your worries? Or do you think you would spend more time stroking them and taking them out for a toilet break than you spend working?

Apparently, dogs promote interactions between staff resulting in an improved social atmosphere.

So if you’re feeling stressed or anxious at work perhaps take your pet to work to help with this.

 Music- what are your feelings on this? Myself, I find it beneficial sometimes and annoying to others. When I’m really trying to concentrate it puts me off and I find I get carried away with listening rather than working. At other times I find music a nice background to my day.

Music has been shown to enhance both productivity and cognitive performance. Listening to a good playlist can help people maintain motivation, stay productive and manage anxiety. So, get the radio on!!!!

 Are you organised at work?

Being organised is essential to increase your work output. It will save you time and help prioritise the most important must do jobs first.

 Organise your work area and remove all the clutter – so when you need to find that important note, you know exactly where it is saving you a precious few minutes.

Being disorganised can have a negative impact on your professional and home life, don’t do it to yourself!!! Your disorganisation, unfinished projects, and piles of “to-dos” may be contributing to your stress and low moods (now we think about it, we love a to-do list in our office).

A well-planned to-do list can be very beneficial- the key to a to-do list is to choose only 2-3 tasks to complete each day instead of giving yourself the impossible challenge of finishing the whole list! And why not book an hour or two in the diary each day specifically for these tasks?




Specific. What exactly needs to be done?

Measurable. How will you track your progress?

Achievable. Is it realistic? Can it be done by the deadline?

Relevant. How does it fit with your plan or bigger goal?

Timely. When does it need to be done?


Have you got any helpful hints, tips, or recommendations to help others work well?

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