Well, isn’t that a question!?


As a business owner have you ever stopped to ask this question – Would I rather have more time or more money?

Of course, you want your business to make money and thrive but what about you personally?

Do you find yourself clocking off on a Friday evening at 5 pm and having a relaxing weekend or do you have niggling thoughts of “oh I forgot that” or “I just have to quickly do this”?

I don’t know about you, but I know I sometimes find myself trying to perfect that work-life balance. When I asked myself would I rather have more time or money, it would be more time! Time to spend with my family, time to finish work each day without having to quickly log back in to check something and time to just chill and relax.
But on the flip side, everyone wants more money right!?
So how can we achieve both? How can we make money and have more time?
Simply put – delegation.
By spending money on a good bookkeeper or accountant (and not always as much as you think it would be) will allow you the extra time to focus on your business, therefore allowing you to make more money and giving you that extra time to enjoy the all-important work-life balance!
Not ready to hand over the full financial reins? No problem, how about investing in accounting software to make everything a little quicker?
At Perfect Balance Bookkeeping, we can help by either looking after you as your bookkeeper or by setting up and/or teaching you how to use the software. After the setup we can offer support, so you know you have somebody to turn to for help.

Check out our website to see how we can help you get more time and hopefully allow you to make more money!